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The Right Way to Get Low Prices for the Same Goods } Debt Consolidation


Conscious or not, often items sold online can be cheaper than in conventional stores. This is because the sellers no longer have to spend operational costs to rent a place of sale. Try to keep comparing prices in ordinary stores with items sold online in several ways, for example:

Check Prices on Multiple Buy and Sell Portals


Check Prices on Multiple Buy and Sell Portals


In buying and selling portals, there are usually many sellers who sell their merchandise at competitive prices. But also pay attention to the quality of the seller, as much as possible find a seller who has received good reviews from previous buyers to avoid fraud. After knowing the suitable price in one store, don’t forget to also compare it on other buying and selling portals. See also whether in the competitor portal there are discounts or promos that you can use to get goods at lower prices. Examples of sites that you can visit: Tokopedia, Zalora, Elevenia, Lazada, BukaLapak, OLX, and many more.


Check prices through #hashtag on Instagram


If you have an Instagram account, you can use this social media account method to shop. Instagram is now used by online businesses to sell their goods cheaply, besides because there are many choices, competitive prices, you also don’t have to bother going to the store. You can open a social media account that is actually accessed almost every day for shopping.

The trick is to just type certain keywords in the Instagram hashtag search section . For example, if you want to look for Ray Ban sunglasses, you can enter the keywords in the form of #Ray SunglassesBan #Glasses BlackRayban #GlassesRayBanOri #Glasses BlackBlueBanOri, make use of keywords, because from there you can get many choices. After the pictures that the product appears, you can click one by one to check the price of the product listed in the caption section , or contact the seller to ask the price.

When you click on the pictures, you will be connected to the store. Click the follow button if the account is locked. If the account is not locked, you can immediately see the items sold. Next, if you want to see the items offered by the store’s competitors, see the Suggested Profile. How to see the Suggested User: select the small button next to the follow button. Select the small button next to the follow button

Advantages of Online Shopping: Can Use Expedition Services to Deliver Goods VS Direct Buy on the Site

Advantages of Online Shopping: Can Use Expedition Services to Deliver Goods VS Direct Buy on the Site

If indeed the seller is in a different area, for example if you live in Tangerang and a seller’s shop in the Jakarta area, then it’s better to use an expedition service only. Besides being fuel efficient, you can also be more time efficient. In addition, if you need these items immediately, then just take advantage of the popular motorcycle taxi services such as Instant Courier services from Go-Jek, Grab Express and Deliveree.



Buy Goods Directly in Their Place


Buy Goods Directly in Their Place


There are several types of goods that are indeed better to buy directly, even though they are available if you want to shop online. To add a sense of trust in the quality of an item sometimes buyers really need to see and try it directly. The only way to overcome this problem is by using the traditional method of approaching the store directly.

For example, when you want to buy a carrier bag (mountain bag), it would be better if you try yourself how to frame the bag on your back, and how comfortable the bag is when filled with heavy loads. You should try it yourself to find out the size and type of bag frame that is right for your back, because everyone has different needs. To add a taste If you lack confidence in the quality of an item sometimes buyers really need to see and try it directly. The only way to overcome this in the traditional way is to approach the store directly to the seller’s place that you have to do.

To get a cheaper price when shopping on the spot, you can make a process of bargaining. Of course to bid prices, you must have the talent to do this process in order to get a price that is bargain with the seller. If you don’t get a price reduction, you may try asking the seller to provide a free by-product for you. For example when buying a smartphone , try asking for free 1 smartphone case or anti-glare sticker .

Another suggestion is to always look for items in the sales center to get cheaper discounts. Look for smartphones at ITC Roxy Mas, electronic items in the Glodok area, or fabrics at Mayestik Market / Pasar Baru, etc. In addition to getting more choices, usually sellers compete with their fellow competitors, so usually the prices they offer are more attractive. Don’t forget to surround the area first to do small research before deciding to buy items in a particular store.


Additional Tips for Getting Cheaper Prices


 Additional Tips for Getting Cheaper Prices


Take advantage of Online Coupons

 Take advantage of Online Coupons


Some products often provide special promos for sale in the form of coupons, all you need to do is subscribe to discount promo portals such as Groupon (formerly Disdus), Living Social (formerly called Deal Keren), OgahRugi. These sites usually sell discounted coupons so you can save up to half the price for a particular product / service.

Take advantage of Credit Card Promos

Another way is to use a credit card promo, the promotion provided can be in the form of buying 1 free 1, or an additional discount if you make transactions with credit cards, etc. But keep in mind that any item as cheap as it will still feel expensive if we don’t need it. For example, if there is a credit card promo in the form of up to 50% discount for heating, it will still be expensive for you who are in Indonesia because there are no functional benefits that you can get from these pieces. In this case, you will still be harmed because (Indonesia is a tropical country, so it does not need heating. Therefore, you should be able to use credit cards more precisely so that every expenditure is still effective, and of course benefits in the form of cheaper prices for you. (Also read: Knowing Productive Debt and Consumptive Debt)

Shop at the Bazaar or Exhibition

One option that can be done if you want to shop cheaper is to visit a bazaar or an ongoing exhibition. There are currently many types of exhibits that specifically showcase the products you are looking for. For example, car shows at GIIAS or IIMS for motorized vehicles, Astrindo Travel Fair or Garuda Travel Fair for those of you who are looking for plane tickets at low prices. If you need an exhibition filled with various products, you can visit exhibitions such as the Jakarta Fair in certain months. Exhibitions usually last 2-4 weeks, and of course you have a great opportunity to get cheaper items.

Consider Buying Used Goods

This is one of the things you need to consider. Getting good quality goods does not always have to be with new items. If you have a limited budget there is no harm in buying used goods. Not infrequently used goods that are still good and worthy of use, to buy a car or motorbike for example, you can use the portal of buying and selling used cars & motorcycles such as Mobil88, Otomart, Mobil123, and other sites. Not only motorized vehicles, other public goods can also be found in the portals mentioned above such as Tokopedia, OLX, Lazada or using the hashtag on Instagram (you can add the word ‘preloved’ or ‘used’ in the hashtag).

Don’t rush into buying

One reason someone does not get a cheap price when buying goods is because they are in a hurry to decide to buy an item. Especially when you already have the money collected, and it feels like you want to quickly buy the item. Even though buying an item requires quite high patience. Feel free to compare prices between online and in the original store. Make sure you compare between one store and another, as well as online stores . When you are in a hurry you usually don’t have time to compare prices, and if you can get other items with quality as good as cheaper prices, of course you will feel disadvantaged.  

Carefully consider whether you really need to buy an item, because as smart as your ability to get cheap goods, the goods / services you buy will still feel expensive if you don’t need the item. It’s cheaper if you don’t spend money at all, right?

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