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Personal Loan in ATM or 24 Hour ATM { Bank Credit



Have you ever taken out a personal loan at the ATM or 24-hour answering machines? This way of borrowing money is another facility that banking institutions make available to their clients. The granting of the loan is made easier, but will it be worth it. Do you know the costs of this operation? Is there bureaucracy? And if the client wants to give up the loan, how do they do it?

An Association that protects consumer rights (Proteste) tested the “personal loan system in the ATMs” in the big banks in Brazilians and released the opinion. The Consumer Association Protest , concluded that the customer does not find any type of difficulty to contract the financial product in electronic machines, is simple and fast. The problem begins if the consumer wants to cancel, is practically unfeasible. Protest has found that the customer can be deceived and deceived with the facility offered, the option of personal loan at the ATM actually induces the client to debt.

Loan in cash


Loan in cash


When we go to the ATM to perform banking, when connecting with the bank system, one of the first things that appear on the screen is the “quick and easy to get loan” offers, this maneuver occurs constantly in almost every bank in the parents. Obviously the idea is to induce the customer with the tempting offer, and he get out of there with money on time and without bureaucracy.

Picking up a loan in this way can be sensational, but if misused, and almost always is, hiring becomes a trap that will unbalance the finances of the family. As well as the impulse purchase in stores, banks and financiers instigate the contracting of loan . The costs according to Protest do not justify this facility, the rates are very salty.

Conscious loan


To make matters worse, the consumer has no help or information from any of the institutions about the risks of obtaining such an operation. Today, it seems, some banks are starting to make awareness booklets available, but I doubt anyone has ever read it. One important detail, banks can not offer massive and insistent loans, bother, in addition to spending the time of the consumer.

Attention in the offers


The loan offers at the ATM vary according to the profile of the account holder, only clients with “pre-approved credit” receive the proposal on the screen. The values ​​offered in the machines start from R $ 2 thousand, going up to R $ 12 thousand. This value changes from institution to institution within the credit policies of each.

The consumer needs to verify that the CET advertised by the bank on the screen is the same that will be applied if you complete the loan application .

Canceling the transaction is difficult

Canceling the transaction is difficult

Proteste also informs that most institutions create obstacles for those who hired the impulse loan , if you want to cancel the transaction the customer will find much resistance and difficulty. It is worth remembering that this type of posture is considered abusive by the Code of Consumer Protection (CDC), because it puts the trader at an exaggerated disadvantage.

In addition, by law, the consumer has up to 7 (seven days) to give up the business, counting from the date of signature, confirmation or the act of receiving a service (if the hiring occurred outside the business establishment, by telephone or at home), it is the right to repentance.

If you made a loan at the ATM by mistake, you may request cancellation of the transaction without extra fees, late fees or fines, in which case you may use your right to repentance.

If you do not have problems later, make the request in writing, send the bank with a receipt (AR) to the care of the manager of your bank account.


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