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Drink Google Mobile Payment Credit Card with NFC?


 ” Drink Card , Google already have a prepaid card with NFC to waive the use of money.” The “Internet” is a wonderful way of informing yourself, the “Money” a way to buy, pay purchases, and keep accounts, the “Bank account” is an exceptional financial and resource management instrument, the “Check” it’s good for those who need it, get “Loan” great for emergency hours and “Credit Card” what about credit card, let’s say it’s a mixture of everything that was described in that paragraph and a little more.

All over the world, and especially in Brazil, it is clear that Brazilians are increasingly failing to use paper money by giving preference to electronic payment for several reasons, first is transactional security, then the reliability, convenience and convenience that this instrument gives us the power to carry out a series of transactions and financial transactions, the prepaid card and the credit card have replaced the money in numerous cases.


 Prepaid and credit cards 

 Prepaid and credit cards 

The benefits of using prepaid and credit cards are unmatched when compared to the use of cash, especially with advances in this type of credit, increasingly innovative and differentiated products and services. In Brazil the use of cash, checkbooks and bank pay is still widely used, only 30% of Brazil’s economy payments are made through credit cards, debit cards or prepaid cards, different from other continents.

But it is estimated that for the coming years the number of people with access to credit through cards will double, as evidenced by the investments of large banking companies, card companies, telephone companies and even specialist companies technology and the Internet are entering this game.

The giant Google as always could not be left out, has in the world various types of enterprise, no doubt a visionary company and following a worldwide trend, also launched a pre-paid card with NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology, I believe that the enterprise is the first step of a larger one. This type of technology enables payments without the need for contact between the billing machine and the mobile device, usually a card or cell phone. The card is called Beba Card, interestingly the service is being offered only in Kenya, a country located on the African continent.

Access to the various private information on the card is done through Google systems, over the Internet, users of Beba can consult extracts of the latest movements and balances in real time. The prepaid Google Drink card works perfectly in conjunction with machines with NFC support, innovative technology that is based on the simple approach between electronic devices, to make payments, the user does not need to pass the card to the reading of the magnetic targa or insert the card to read the chip.

The Beba , the “prepaid Google payment card” for mobile payment with NFC has not been officially released. And what is the connection between Beba and Google, according to The Next Web – “International technology news, business & culture”, a technology website, found that Beba is operated by the company Google Ireland Limited , a subsidiary of Google, in terms of service.

The Beba is a free card , according to the information on the official website. The site also informs that the user does not pay any fees for obtaining a new card and there are no fees for the use of the card to make payments. To be able to use it simply place money and use it freely in local shops and public transport.


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