Debt rescheduling makes sense

When looking for the right loan for debt restructuring, it doesn’t make sense to speak directly to a single bank. To what extent does it make sense to switch loans and under what circumstances is it even highly recommended? – Debt rescheduling is generally worthwhile if. A higher loan amount often makes sense: rescheduling credit has several advantages at once. With the new loan, you not only save a lot of interest, i.e. money.

Rescheduling – A rescheduling is then..

Rescheduling - A rescheduling is then ... ..

When does rescheduling make sense? A home remodeling makes sense if you are still long-term, the repayment amount is still high and the new loan interest rate is significantly lower than the existing one. Inquire about debt restructuring in good time. These not only reduce the risk of late repayment, but also reduce the risk of late repayment.

Inquire now about your possible uses. Dr. Hans Berger, 0664 – 88 18 18 21 58 is at your disposal for further information.

How 4 × 4 hybrid drives work to redefine the driving dynamics of vehicles

How 4 × 4 hybrid drives work to redefine the driving dynamics of vehicles

It conveys a lot of knowledge about drive and safety – and also the experience of what friction coefficients on different road surfaces are about. Magna Powertrain is also a regular participant and offers solutions for the entire drive train, ie from the manual transmission to the drive wheels. The Magna Powertrain is known as a developer of various all-wheel drive vehicles, such as B. the Mercedes G-Class, which rolls off the assembly line at Magna Steyr in Graz.

It was also present in Sweden, but the main player was different: the e2 hybrid demonstration vehicle in the simple guise of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, with the well-known BMW three-cylinder engine with 100 kW and hybrid transmission in the front, with an electric front axle behind. We have a driving report on the standard hybrid version as a BMW Active Touring Car 225x (test). The special feature of this vehicle is that the tablet app can be used to simulate different travel drives while driving: 48 V and high-voltage hybrids, different drive powers of the electric motors on the front and rear, front or all-wheel drive and torque vectorization through longitudinal or transverse torque distribution between the front and rear axle or the two drive wheels.

Basically, it offers the opportunity to test traction and cornering behavior, i.e. longitudinal and lateral forces with a certain coefficient of friction. The result: Even with only 25 kilowatts on the front axle, the traction is so much better that it would be completely sufficient for most pre-Alpine residents. By the way: The simulated 25 kilowatts currently corresponds to the maximum achievable at 48 V, otherwise the currents increase too much – a high-voltage solution is therefore recommended for more electricity.

In the next attempt, software-controlled up to 100 + 80 kilowatts on the front axle, but this time again without drive. Although the high-voltage front hybrid drive offers more options for generating energy in daily traffic, it has no advantage for improved grip on slippery roads.

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