Credit Card Payment using SmartPhones



Make payment by card using Smartphones? Have you thought of this? Credit card has become a very practical form of payment, being fast eliminates the loss of time with cash changes, comfortable, not having to walk around with volumes of money, and excellent when we need to use it as borrowed money for more than 40 days.


The Card that we know today has undoubtedly evolved since its inception and continues to evolve, the Europeans and Asians have already made payment with a card without a physical card for a long time, in Brazil we can already pay bills with “card without card”. Paypal in stores that accept this type of payment, but it is not mobile. In some Euro Zone countries they can even cash in ATMs using only their Smartphones, without having to use any physical card to complete the transaction.


Application for payment


Application for payment

The process is very simple, the client asks for a code of 4, 6 or more digits for his bank or card manager, downloads a specific application to be downloaded in Phones or Smartphones, only then can be accessed by readers payment, data transfer and any ATM with the device for payment.

Would you trade your plastic credit card for an APP on your Smartphone to make payments at stores, bakeries, supermarkets, hairdressers, movie theaters, and in a variety of commercial establishments? Of course technology fanatics will say, yes, and the more conservative will say, nooooo. The truth is that not all people want to abandon the plastic credit card for security or pure status, but seriously, paying credit card bills using Smartphones is sure, and it already exists.


How it works


“The (software) application installed on the Mobile or Smartphone allows users to pay for their in-store purchases by bringing their devices closer to special terminals.” In order to be able to use contactless cards , that is, to make mobile payments without the use of the actual card, the Smartphone needs to be equipped with a feature that only the latest Smartphones have, and the vast majority of older handsets lack this technology. Non-contact card payments necessarily require mobile devices to have NFC hardware, a “built-in” device for wireless communication, also known as “Near-Field Communication” or NFC to work.

The customer registers their credit cards in a website, the billing information (card number, authorization code etc.) is stored in a database (they are not stored in the mobile phone), in the transaction the application requests a password at the time of authorize the operation.


Mobile payment


 Mobile payment


For now, in Brazil only the latest generation smartphones have this wireless communication system that favors the exchange of information just by touching one device on the other, this file-sharing procedure is possible on the Samsung SIII and Nexus S.

Here in Brazil, we still have to wait a little longer for this new payment technology with mobile phone card to arrive, but there are already establishments that are using the payment via “contactless Paypal” and the “Google Wallet” application supports several credit and debit cards for payment via mobile, however we will have to wait.

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